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    Position Summary: Whetstone Brands is seeking bartenders for several of our fast paced, beer-centric environments.


    • Our Bartenders will act as a leader behind our bar. 
    • Will ring all orders into the POS system accurately.
    • Will tend to all guests seated at the bar, and guests in line.
    • Welcome all guests within 30 seconds, by saying “we will be right with you”. 
    • Make cocktails, mixed drinks, and espresso drinks for Beertenders/Runners
    • Must have the ability to accurately pour and measure liquor for cocktails and mixed drinks.
    • While Bartenders are not managers they should act as mentors to our Beertenders/Runners.
    • Ability to answer Beertenders/Runners questions about beer, wine and cocktails.
    • Change kegs, couplers, and maintaining clean beer lines.
    • Take ownership of the bar.
    • Report directly to the manager on duty.


    • At least 21 years of age.
    • Knowledge of craft beer, basic cocktails, and food allergies.
    • Be proficient at properly pouring cocktails and mixed drinks.
    • Maintains a current Vermont alcohol serving permit.
    • Must be able to work flexible shifts and schedules, including some weekends and holidays.
    • Must be able to lift and carry 50 pounds.
    • Passion for craft beer, entertainment, and atmosphere.
    • Must be able to stand, walk, lift, and bend for long periods of time.
    • Must be able to demonstrate competency as outlined in the training schedule.
    • Excellent people skills and outgoing personality.
    • Must be a team player
    • Must have integrity and be honest

    Maintain Company Standards as a Universal Worker

    • Greet all guests quickly with enthusiasm and friendliness, “Welcome to Whetstone”, maintaining a friendly and upbeat attitude at all times.
    • Provide the highest level of service in accordance with our standards.
    • Greet every guest within 30 seconds of arrival if you can not assist them simply say “Someone will be right with you”
    • Develop and maintain relationships with customers, both new and regulars.
    • Ability to answer guest questions about all Whetstone Craft Beers, food, beverages, and our facilities accurately and in a friendly manner. If you don’t know the answer you should say “Let me find out!”
    • Ring in all orders for food, alcohol, retail, carry out and properly cash out guests.
    • Must have and constantly increase knowledge of Whetstone Craft Beers, food, cocktails, and wine.
    • Maintain a strong work ethic, the ability to work in a fast paced environment for prolonged periods of time.
    • Responsible for constant sanitation, organization, and proper food handling per the VT Department of Health.
    • Report to work as scheduled, in uniform, maintain a professional appearance at all times, and ready for work.
    • Properly clocking in and out for shifts.
    • Properly store all personal items in your locker, in your car, or at home.
    • Follow checklists and standard operating procedures…prepare and close work area for either opening, mid-shift, or closing.
    • Follow and maintain a safe working environment in accordance with OSHA and company standards.
    • Cleanliness is a priority…Anytime you are moving through the restaurant you are to be cleaning throughout the duration of each shift including but not limited to taking bus tubs to the kitchen, clearing tables, wiping down tables, picking/sweeping up trash, windexing glass, maintaining restrooms, etc  
    • Stocking is also a priority…All items behind the bar, at the water station, at the condiment station, and at the bus tub and trash stations should be well stocked before, during and at the end of each shift. Do not overstock areas should be neat and organized.
    • Attempt to solve issues, then communicate any and all issues with management big or small to ensure guest satisfaction.  
    • Say “Thank you for coming to Whetstone” as guests are leaving.
    • Answer the phone “Hello, thank you for calling Whetstone Station, this is ___________ how may I assist you.”
    • Change kegs and couplers.
    • Maintain clean beer lines.
    • Execute any task assigned by a manager or an owner.

    Salary and Benefits

    • Full wage plus tips (typically $25 – $40/hr)
    • Full time employees eligible for Paid Healthcare, Medical, Vision and Dental
    • 401k with employer match after 6 months
    • Paid time off (accrual, 2 weeks in year 1)
    • Flexible schedule options
    • Discounts (at all Whetstone Brands properties)