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About Us

About us

Tim Brady, David Hiler and Amy Brady. Brought together by a passion for hospitality and craft beer.

David, Tim and Amy on the day they purchased the River Garden property in Brattleboro, VT.

An Extended Family

While not officially related, David, Tim and Amy have spent more time together in the past 15 years than many families. From hospitality acquaintances to business partners, it’s been an exciting journey and some might say we’re just getting started.

Why Brattleboro
David was born and raised in Brattleboro, while Tim discovered the charming town on a New England road trip in 2005. The two would cross paths many times (often around the country, as they both traveled for work) but actually never had a beer together until one fateful day…

That day at Harpoon
After a hospitality association meeting in Burlington, Vermont Tim invited David for a beer on the way home at Harpoon Brewery. Over a few beers, David expressed how he was tired of traveling. Tim expressed how he was looking at some spaces to expand his inn and craft beer bar. At a fateful moment, Tim asked David “want to buy the Riverview?” (a long abandoned building on the CT River). David without hesitation replied “actually that would be cool”… On the following Monday, they had a contract on what would become Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery.

A lot has happened since that beer. There’s been many meetings over many beers and a few more sudden real estate purchases… But today we’re proud to have an awesome collection of properties and operations that genuinely encompass and celebrate what we love about Vermont and New England.

We’re always exploring new opportunities. Who knows what the next beer meeting may bring.